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Summer Travel Essentials


This month, as we look forward to our Summer holidays we're inspired by the instantly soothing Aegaen Sea; steeped in mythology and surrounded by white stone Greek houses topped with Aegaen Blue roofs. Whisk yourself away to the idyllic island of Ios or the influencer favourite steps of Santorini with Lexi's top ten picks from our travel-inspired collection of striped beach parasols, Fieldbar drinks coolers and suitcase-friendly wash bags.

You'll love this collection if you're dreaming of days poolside in Greece or wandering through cobbled streets looking for the best authentic pasta dish in Italy.

Travel Accessory Essentials

  1. Striped Wash Bags, from £24

These are such a find! They’re made from coated cotton that’s actually machine washable so if my shampoo bursts on the flight, I know I've not ruined a wash bag. Plus they have a wide structured mouth so I don’t have to scrabble through looking for my makeup and sun lotion.

  1. Lovely Lip Balms, £5.50 each

In flavours like Cereal Killer and Sherbert Lemon, they’re delicious little pots of fun to hydrate me on a flight or after days in the sunshine. Plus, it’s a women-owned UK brand!

Jewellery for Travelling

  1. Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings, £48

I always pack a couple of pairs of gold earrings because dressed up or down, they’re perfect for no-brainer glam, for anything from a Summer destination wedding to an alfresco date night in a Greek taverna.


  1. Leather Magnetic Hat Holders, £24 each

We commissioned these specially from local leatherwork studio Newdile because both Bella and I have ruined more hats in the hustle of an airport or boarding a train than we would like to admit. These gorgeous leather clips have a magnetic in them to carry and protect my precious Panama straw hat from further destruction!

Travel Loungewear

  1. Hackney Backpack, £80

I’m often working when I’m travelling so having the right backpack that can fit in my laptop and has really comfy wide straps is essential. This lovely minty number has a hidden laptop pocket so I can stash it away when I’m done working and ready to enjoy the destination!

  1. Sky Blue Pyjamas, from £48

I’ve worn these silky tencel pyjamas on flights, on city breaks and even sat having dinner in the hotel restaurant because they’re so elegant they’re an outfit in their own right. I’m craving this shade of blue at the moment, it reminds me of being poolside on a Greek island.

Uashmama Bags

  1. Uashmama Large Metallic Tote, £160

This is my one and everything bag! It’s roomy enough to go from toting beach towels to the beach to being everything we need as a family of seven for a day trip. It’s by our long time favourite Uashmama, an Italian brand making sustainable paper storage to their own family recipe!

Luxury Playing Cards

  1. Leather Playing Card Holders, £30

We always bring cards on family holidays because there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to stave off (or ignite) the family arguments. After dinner, we’ll get out a set and everyone can vote for their favourite game and there’s something ceremonious about pulling them from a leather holder.

  1. Odd Bods Playing Cards, £25

We have other decks of cards, but this pack makes my family and I giggle every time and that alone makes it a must!

Fieldbar Coolers

  1. Fieldbar Drinks Coolers, £160

I might not be able to pack this on a flight but if we’re heading to our house in Wales or just a picnic in the garden, I’m taking a Fieldbar cooler with me everytime! A couple of bottles of champagne and some of our picnic flutes and we’re ready.

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