Organic Soaps & Scrubs
All BombusLeaf Hand and Body Soap Scrubs are handcrafted in the UK using the cold process method. In using this technique the precious and beneficial plant extracts are preserved. They are 100% natural, organic, sustainable, and fairly traded butters, clays...
Extra Large Pumice Stone
Stepping up the fight on rough skin with the extra large pumice. The shaped edge makes it easier and quicker to get those feet extra smooth ready for sandal season. Customer Reviews More Information L11 x W7.5 x H4.7cm Shipping &...
Jute Exfoliating Bath Mitt
This natural jute bathroom accessory can either be used as a mitt or you can place your favourite soap inside to create a gentle exfoliating soap sponge. You can also put it through the washing machine like a face cloth...
Beech Wood Body Brush
Give yourself a scrub with this beechwood body brush - the bristles are soft enough you could us it to dry brush but firm enough to give you a gentle exfoliation in the tub. Customer Reviews More Information L11 x...
Beech Wood Nail Brush
Nail brushes are never the most exciting of things - but they are an essential for the bathroom or kitchen sink and lets be honest if you have to have one it may as well be a good looking one....
Beech Wood Long Handle Brush
Look no further if you're in search of the perfect pampering partner! This luxurious long handle brush, crafted from beech wood, will have you feeling spoilt and squeaky clean! So go ahead... give yourself a little brush-up! Customer Reviews More...
Lovely Lip Balm
Indulge your lips with Lovely Lip Balm! These organic balms are handmade in the UK and is free of harsh chemicals, allowing your lips to stay soft and nourished. Enjoy the natural ingredients that keep your lips feeling lovely all...
Lovely Bath Salts
When you can’t make it to the spa you can still soak yourself in a scented tub with these hand made bath salts. Grab a handful (or two) and let them melt into a hot bath. Then just lie back and...
Lovely Face Masks & Hand Creams
Stay safe and pampered with these Lovely Face Masks & Hand Creams! These natural beauty products, made in the UK, will leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. Treat yourself with a face mask, hand cream and cleanser combo and...
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