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Upcoming Events

From in-store shopping events to creative workshops and tastings at the Town+House pub, see what's happening at Always Sunday this season.

Bah Humbug!

November 2nd 2023: Calling all Grinches and Scrooges! If you're not excited for Christmas but you need to get your shopping done before the Bath market hits then join us in-store for drinks, gifts, giveaways and 15% off our new Christmas Collection. Contact us to book your space. Christmas cheer is optional.


Sunday Roast

Our award-winning Sunday roast dinners are coming back to Town+House Pub! Launching October 2023, book your table and enjoy the most comforting roast dinner piled high with crispy potatoes and smothered in gravy, perfect when served with a pint poured by our friendly staff. Book your table now.


Pub Quiz

Feel up to a challenge? Our pub quiz is notoriously difficult to crack. No team required but they say two (or more) heads are better than one so grab a pal, a pen and a pint and see if you can answer all the questions to win a prize. Every Wednesday night at Town+House pub & restaurant in Bath.

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