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Spring Tablescape


Discover expert tips and inspiration on how to create the perfect joyfully bright Spring tablescape! Explore our wide selection of dopamine decor-inspired homewares and unexpected table decorations at Always Sunday that will transform your gatherings into unforgettable moments and ring in the new season of sunshine and seed sowing.

1. Air out your laundry

I've always found the more layers the better; tablecloths, table runners, multiple napkins. Get it all out! I often want to use vintage fabrics i’ve found that fit a particular theme and I get so bored of the simple white linen tablecloths you see everywhere.

Rethink your table settings to expose parts of your table (or to hide old stains) using fabrics you love that maybe fall a bit short of full coverage by folding them over and under tablecloths, origami-style. It’s a practical way to alter your look and break the traditional table rules!



2. Never EVER iron

I hate to iron and as great as air drying my linens on a drying rack can be to beat out some wrinkles… it doesn’t get them all. So I combat my lazy habit by laying my napkin open and flat on the table, grab from the centre and draw it up to let the layers of the napkin fabric casually flounce over themselves. This makes a more organic and inviting form to remind guests that you have put effort into their experience, but it's your home and frankly who has the energy to iron?


Scalloped Napkins

3. Forget homemade, buy shop-bought bakes.

As a collector of crockery new and old, i like to defend this habit by using as much of it as possible on every table to decant EVERYTHING from original packaging. I'm honest with myself, I won't necessarily want to make everything from scratch but if you decant it you might just fool somebody into believing you made it yourself.
Vintage Tableware

4. Swan around a bit

Don’t let your Springtime table arrangements suffer at the hands of nature’s gifts being uncooperative. Tame those twigs and tell them exactly where to go by reusing old bubble wrap inside a vase instead of water to keep them in place. It also means in the case of this Spring table decor; the swan has been transformed from simply a particularly pretty vase to a Spring table centrepiece.

Swan Centrepiece

5. Don't be boring for goodness sake.

I hate to harp on and repeat myself, but vintage home decor add interest to literally any house or a shelf. When you take them to the table, they really give unexpected intrigue and become props to your story. I’ve used a handful of these faded red novels to lift items of interest off the tablecloth and create more interest, but also designate importance to certain items like the beautiful hand painted candle holders. And the spines can open up conversation at a lull across the table as well if you find some really good retro titles. There are absolute hoots out there!

6. Freshen up

Although your table has now been layered with fabric, vintage finds, and favourites from your crockery stash it’s important to really bring the outside in for Springtime table arrangements! After a long Winter it might feel foreign to see a flower or blossom but grabbing a batch from the local florist is an ideal place to express your table colour-way, but don’t forget a swift forage. The outdoors are actually in true Spring abundance at the moment so you can top up before the ceremonies start and get some fresh air before the alcohol comes out.

Spring Tablescape

7. Crock it up

Crockery or tableware has so many different directions it can go. Matching full sets, formal, informal, family friendly, or vintage! I believe in putting together a table that is functional with items that reflect the people invited to the table and that excite you.

For this table I was going with relaxed informal dining in mind. We used our signature enamelware designed by our Always Sunday team with a few handmade ceramics from artisans. The contrast of the shiny coloured enamel with the organic ceramics creates a nice juxtaposition of texture and because the colours chosen are similar in nature it works to add more interest. All of this is complimented by one of my all time favourite cutlery sets. Pink enamel with a matte pewter is everything for me!



8. Make 'em laugh

Random break the rules moments. Create interest in the table with items like we addressed such as the vintage books, quirky swan, or the layered cloth, but also add something extra. Keep your sense of humour about you and maybe follow our lead with some random vegetables melded into the table scape. They are totally unexpected, but the Spring energy and fresh from garden floral cuts mean they have a sense of belonging that will surprise your guests and keep them laughing. Especially when they find out these lettuce heads and a few artichokes are all faux.

Faux Vegetables


9. It's a hand job

Don’t forget to add your own “hand” to the table. I’ve given our table handpainted place cards. This may sound intimidating for some, but it does not need to be complex. I’ve chosen a ribbon design and used watercolours to evoke the colours of Spring from our table. Your handwriting is better than you probably give it credit and as long as it is on textured paper like this high quality water colour paper it will look luxurious. You'll be surprised by how appreciated this sort of thing can be.


Handwritten Place Settings

10. Stop trying so hard

Remember every table design is about creating conversation. Entertaining takes effort, but it is always appreciated. Giving your guests not just a seat at your table, but insight into your own personal style creates great conversation starters for everyone. If the chatter does stall… remember those handmade place cards you made? Make sure to write one terrible joke on the back of each one. I love to ask guests to turn them over between courses or when we maybe have a lull. It always starts things up again and the more awful the joke the better!


Lettuce Leaf Tableware

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