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Meet Lexi, the founder of Always Sunday, whose love for Christmas means she knows how to make the season really memorable with incredible story-telling tablescapes and vintage-inspired traditions from her own childhood. Plus, find out why the 25th of December feels like a big birthday party in her house.



What is quintessential Christmas for you?

Always, always, always read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve! I do not care how old the children get because I grew up with this and I will always do it! 

How did your family do Christmas decorating growing up?

My family usually had one family tree and then one formal dining room tree. A family tree is the one where all the handmade or collected ornaments over the years find their home and this has been a big influence on me. I love the energy and enthusiasm for Christmas and although most people have one tree, I’m always sneaking in more! There are so many special decorations that can be combined over time to create a unique expression of your own ideas of holiday excitement, and a tree - faux or real, large or small - is such a fun way to do it!  

How will you be decorating your home for Christmas this year? Any particular theme?

Every year I claim I’m gonna do a big mantel and doorway and then we get to November and I’m usually just mixing up what I already have. One of these years I will go big velvets and lots of eucalyptus with wild twigs and some classic tinsel, but it looks like that might be next year at my pace! 

Bathroom Ideas

What are your top Christmas decorating tips?

Always make space to mix old with new. This is a time of year when there tends to be lots of focus on NEW, but one of the best parts of ending our year is reflection. I love to combine my old decorations with new additions.

A favourite is putting decorations in unexpected places like the bathroom; you’ll always find a touch of sparkle and some candles around the bathroom mirror in our house.


And then for the table, it’s all about telling a story and decorating from that. Last year it was a forest of discovery where deer pranced amongst faux grass, log rounds and candles. One year it was sugar plum fairies and the whole table took on a rose gold shimmer with glass candy sweets. 

When do you make the time to do it? It must feel like such a big task!

This is something I always put together on Christmas Eve. I want my children to wake up to a memorable space for our Christmas breakfast.

How do you pick your Christmas decorations? 

My kids get a new one each year; if they are interested they choose otherwise I just snag some on my travels that remind me of them! 

For our non-family trees I like to add from our store… so when we do the buying there are always a few extras added on the order to be reserved for me! 🤫 


Which ones are you most excited about?

I’m really excited about the tinsel that just launched. I’m not a believer in tinsel being tacky because anything sparkling at holiday time just screams JOY to me.

I also recently worked alongside a Welsh ceramicist, Charles Horsefield, to create a candy cane mug that I think is too cute to miss! The rest of his collection will soon be used at our Town+House pub for Always Sunday roast dinners. From the inky glazed bowls to the little gravy jugs, they are gorgeous and utilitarian which is a MUST on my list! Coming very soon..


Any other Always Sunday classics for Christmas?

Obviously I’m hugely partial to our candle line! I love the holiday collection and it makes our home feel so welcoming with the scents wafting through on these short days where candles bring atmosphere to what would otherwise be considered a cold time of year!! 


What’s your ultimate festive treat?

Champagne for Christmas morning for me! Most people don’t know, but it’s my birthday on Christmas Day so despite it being a day about everyone else… I always pop a bottle to enjoy as a toast to myself for surviving another year! Ha!


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