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Interior Design Service in Bath


This month sees the launch of the Always Sunday Design Studio, our bespoke interior design service in Bath, lead by professional interior designer Natalie Crowe, to inspire you, encourage you and help you make those final decisions needed to create a space that is functional, beautiful and can still evolve with you over time. We meet with Nat to discuss how the styling packages work, the cabin project she's working on right now and what she considers good interior design taste.

Hi Nat, tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been at Always Sunday?

I've been at Always Sunday for almost 2 years. I started working here at the beginning of my final year of uni, and loved being able to have a practical break from my university work but in an environment that suited my interests. I started out in a customer service role, and feel very fortunate that it has now developed into heading up our interior design department.

Interior Designer Natalie Crowe

What’s your interior design background?

I actually originally went to the University of Reading to study Psychology, however it just didn’t quite feel right so I  took quite a drastic career change and headed to Bath Spa University to study Interior Design. I have always been very creative, and so it made sense to me to pursue a career that would keep me creatively challenged and always learning.

That being said, I can see why I chose psychology as it really does contribute to good interior design. How can we use colour and materials to create a space that allows the customer to feel relaxed and recharged? What type of spatial layout will allow for maximal comfort? In my opinion, the client’s wellbeing is the most important factor when designing any space. 

What was it like training at Bath Spa University?

I was lucky to study on the Locksbrook campus, which used to be an old furniture factory and was then converted into our university building. A lot of the original factory structure was kept in the renovation, including the original steel beams which support to build the building, and have been painted a very happy yellow colour. It's hard not to be inspired in such a space.

Design Studio in Bath


What kicked off the interior styling packages idea?

We get a lot of customers asking for advice while shopping in store, it's a huge compliment that they feel comfortable enough to ask and that they can rely on our knowledge of the industry. It felt natural to offer a step up from in-store advice where we can give that one on one time that's so needed when you're working on a project. It's a luxury design service but at a really approachable price point whether you're working on a Georgian townhouse in Bath or your first home further afield.

Obviously the central city location is a blessing, as we are surrounded by lots of other independent companies and businesses. This allows me to make use of Bath-based suppliers and makers within my projects with them, something we’re all passionate about at Always Sunday and which makes each space even more unique. 

What's included in the Always Sunday interior styling packages?

We want to make sure our clients are fully equipped to make the right decisions so even our basic package includes fully rendered visuals, moodboards, sample boards, floor plans and a completely personalised and thought out shopping list so it's just a case of adding to their basket.

The client will walk away with a beautifully packaged guide with everything they need, plus a unique discount offer for Always Sunday products and a complimentary Always Sunday gift to match their home style. We really want to make sure every client feels listened to, understood and completely prepared for the next steps.

Of course, we can always help you at the next stage but sometimes all you need is that nudge in the right direction and that's what we're here for!

Budget-friendly interior design


Would you say there’s such a thing as ‘good taste’ when it comes to design?

I think 'good' design taste is whatever you want it to be. There is no right or wrong when it comes to designing your own space. I think it's fun to look into and research current interior design trends, however it's important to not get wrapped up in them and lose sight of your own personal style. Definitely focus on taking inspiration rather than being completed influenced. For me, I love collecting and sourcing pieces when I'm out and about, and building up a collection. I love a space that feels lived in, and like each piece has been specially chosen to be there.

To me, timeless interior design is ever changing. Your style will develop and change over the years and the beauty of designing your own space is that you can always repaint a wall or purchase some new furnishing pieces. However, I think it's important to hone in on your fundamental likes. For example, if you value natural materials and textures within your space, you may want to invest in a vintage or second hand wooden dining table that you know will last visually as well as practically.

What trends are you excited about right now?

A more obscure trend that I'm definitely taking inspiration from currently is layered lighting. I think having a mix of different levels of light in a space can really elevate it visually as well as functionally. At my house, the 'big' light is rarely ever used. There is nothing cosier than having multiple warm floor and table lamps on in the evenings.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

So far, it has to be the vintage jungle themed nursery and playroom I designed earlier in the year. Kids rooms are so fun to do because they’re meant to be playful and engaging, something I think we as adults lose sight of as we ensure our homes are ‘buyer friendly’.

Jungle themed nursery ideas

The client wanted to give her two year old son space to play and sleep but that would have longevity over the years as he grew so we focussed on sourcing and investing in key furniture pieces like a vintage-inspired bed, utilising awkward corners like the space between the wall and the fireplace of this period home, for bespoke shelving to be filled with her son’s memories and using mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

And then we got to add so much personality with the details. From the walls (Farrow & Ball Incarnadine Red alongside  Ottoline Atomic wallpaper in soft sage), to timeless ticking stripe curtains in a dark pink-red and a woolly crocodile rug that I  have been influenced to buy for my own home. The end result feels like a storybook page, so her son can step inside and feel totally inspired to play imaginatively.

Tell us about your most recent project, what are you working on?

The brief for the Garden Cabin project was to design a relaxing and functional office space for working from home. Our client wanted natural colours and textures, to help connect the space with its surroundings and it was immensely important to maximise cleverly designed storage to ensure the cabin remained relaxing while working.

Cabin renovation ideas

We’re implementing  a wood vinyl flooring throughout and complimented this with a neutral green colour palette, giving that indoor/outdoor effect and making the structure blend with the garden. We’ve sourced a secondhand rug to soften the space, it’s impactful but cost effective, and we’ve custom designed bookcases along one of the walls to really get in all the corners and maximise the available wall space. It combats the storage issues but it can be completely personalised so it feels less corporate than your normal office!

cabin interior design

We chose to add in the small sofa bed to give the client an alternative spot to work, provide a casual meeting spot and can even be used for guests staying, something the client had mentioned while working on another project within the house and I thought would be an added bonus. We always like to go just that little bit above and beyond!

What else have you got lined up this year?

We launch our styling packages on May 1st 2024, which is SO exciting to be able to open up the books officially and take on new clients. I’m so ready to see what requests we get in because I love the challenge of something new. We’re also working on the latest Bolthole by Always Sunday which will be completed by the end of this year and is looking so good.

Always Sunday interior designer

Can you give us any clues?

You can follow our journey on our instagram @always_sunday_design_studio to see the progress we’re making and what we’re working on. Right now, i’m looking for the perfect burgundy tile and it’s quite a mission!

Looking for an interior design styling service in Bath and think Natalie could be the perfect fit for you? Get in touch now and book your initial consultation for your home project.

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