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Luxury Coloured Enamelware

Our signature collection of exclusive enamel dinnerware and kitchen accessories has been designed to be colour coordinated, joyous to use and easy to clean, with each piece handpicked by the Always Sunday team.

We speak with Bella and Lauren, Managing Director and Merchandiser respectively, about why you seriously need to up your tableware game with our stylish enamel serveware.


Why did you decide to design your own enamel kitchenware?

Lauren: We were sourcing tableware sets for the first Always Sunday Bolthole, our luxury accommodation in Bath, and needed something that looked good but was actually hard wearing to survive impending visitors. We couldn’t find anything we liked so we just decided to design our own instead.

Bella: Everything on the market was just so boring! All dull plain white enamel pots and pans with a dark coloured edge, or really poor quality. We looked everywhere we could, even considering vintage tableware, but nothing felt right or we could only find kitchenware sets we’d never use.



Why did you decide on enamelware particularly?

Bella: Enamel kitchenware is actually really robust. You can throw it around (so it’s great for little ones and clumsy adults), chuck it in the dishwasher so it’s easy to clean and of course, it just looks so good. When we got samples through we ran some (obviously) very scientific tests like ‘how hard can you fling it on the floor before it chips’ and ‘how hard can you scrub it with a scourer before it scratches’. It took so much wear and tear that we knew we were on the right track.

The makers we’ve been working with for the last three years are based in Denizli in Turkey and they’re incredibly talented. We liked them particularly because they’re a small family-run company and they offered far more colourways than any other enamel maker on the market. It allowed us to really customise; from the colours we picked to adding our signature logo on the base of each piece.

Luxury Enamelware

What was it about this particular colour palette that you liked? 

Lauren: Each of the boltholes has a colour assigned to it. Primrose cottage was the first and it has an overall pink theme so our first enamelware collection was a really blush pink that Lexi picked, alongside Bath blue; a dusty Georgian-inspired blue that we tend to use a lot in our original designs. Our second collection timed with the second bolthole which was green themed but the idea is that every piece from each collection could colour coordinate.

Luxury Coloured Enamel Cookware


Bella: We kept the insides of the pans neutral because it’s more visually appealing and versatile with whatever food is cooked inside. It means they make excellent serving dishes so you can go straight from the oven to the dining table without decanting just to make it presentable. Obviously it photographs really well and they make really special and unique gift options because they’re pretty and practical. We've had customers buy entire enamelware sets as wedding gifts and others who collect one by one, adding a new addition every other month.


Premium enamel tableware

Which are some of your favourite pieces?

Bella: I'm a big fan of the enamel cookware pieces. I actually designed the enamel frying pan a bit selfishly because i wanted a really good pan for my kitchenware collection. Heavy frying pans are the bane of my existence, having to use two hands just to flip a pancake or fry some eggs, so I wanted one that was lightweight enough for me to use but also that my partner, who’s a chef, would approve of.

Sophisticated enamelware sets

Lauren: I like the size of the little trays we do, like the little green and brown one. The other day a customer called it the Shrek pan, which really made me laugh.

Bella: And Lexi loves pizza so the tomato red pizza plate was a must, it’s so big it fits an entire medium-sized pizza on.

Elegant enamel Tableware


What are some foodie pairings you recommend with the Always Sunday colourful enamelware?

Bella: The frying pan is the perfect eggs pan, they just fry so well. And I like to use the square tray for traybakes like chocolate brownies or apple flapjacks or even cinnamon buns.

Luxury Homewares


Lauren: The ‘shrek’ pan is the best for mac and cheese or a little nachos for one dish when you’re watching a movie and want a drive-in movie style snack.

Bella: That’s the one pot wonder for one tray! Also the large rectangular tray fits a whole roast chicken and potatoes in. We love lazy person solutions at Always Sunday. We design with ourselves in mind basically, knowing there's probably other people out there just as lazy as we are!


Designer enamel dishes

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