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The Always Sunday Christmas Trend Report for 2023 is in! We’ve scoured local Christmas markets, Winter Wonderlands and maybe even been to the North Pole and back to let you know what’s trending for Christmas. Find out the top three Christmas colour schemes to inspire your holiday decor, the bestselling baubles we’re loving, and Christmas craft ideas to make your grotto feel utterly magical.


Christmas Lights



We know it doesn’t feel that long ago but it looks like the nineties are having a serious comeback and we’re here for it. Our team is mostly made up of 80’s and 90’s kids so it’s got us reminiscing about our childhoods.

We've been rewatching those 90’s Christmas movie classics for inspiration like Home Alone, and Jim Carrey’s The Grinch and daydreaming about those coloured lights, tinsel and big velvet bows in a time when Walkman’s and Furbies were the most sought-after gifts of the season.

You’ll love this trend if you love kitsch Christmas ornaments, getting glitter on everything you own (yeh we love it too) or you’re looking for some maximalist home decor ideas. We’ve dug into the archives (ie. our mum’s home videos), taken a trip down a very sparkly memory lane, and now we’ve gathered our top tips here for embracing nineties-inspired holiday decor.

What’s the 90’s Christmas colour palette?

It’s pretty much traditional with popular Christmas colours being burgundy, red, green and some seriously shiny gold.

What are some iconic 90’s Christmas textures? 

Weave in some tartan and plaid on your tablescape with metallic napkins and a shiny silver runner.  Don’t forget to pin giant velvet bows everywhere you can; on your tree, on the front door, in your hair to coordinate with your Mary Kate & Ashley-inspired festive outfit. And there needs to be a serious smattering of glitter, otherwise, like, what’s even the point?

What does it smell like?

Weird question but we suppose it smells like that tangy metallic tinsel smell (that you want to hate but secretly kind of love), the inside of a Cadbury’s selection box and the glossy patent t-bar shoes that would be considered stylishly vintage now.

How do I get this vintage Christmas look at home?

Raid your mum’s attic first and see if she still has that dancing tree ornament you remember haunting the hallway, and the coloured lights with half the lights that don't work but she swears they’re fine. Then treat yourself to some of our chunky tinsel that’s handmade in Wales, a standing Santa that could easily be mistaken as a vintage collectable and a working steam train set that any 90’s kid would have loved to unwrap on the day.


Christmas DecorationsTinselBauble Tree90's Santa90's themeTrain Set


Rustic Christmas

It’s a snowy December night in a cottage in the country; and you’re tucked up on the sofa with the dog, playing board games by candlelight with your special someone and a log fire crackling away in the background. Want to get cosy this season? This rustic Christmas trend is ideal for those who want to make their home feel welcoming.

Rustic Tree

But what even are earth tones?

Earth tones take their inspiration from nature and in particular those colours found in the earth (corr, aren’t we smart) like terracotta and rust red, the honey hues of Bath stone and shades of orange, mustard and rose pink.

How do I get this look?

This is the holiday trend for those who love DIY Christmas ideas. Make your own decorations like dried orange slice garlands and gingerbread cookies. Repurpose vintage cookie cutters as ornaments when tied with silk ribbon, and forage foliage and pinecones for the table. Then complement this with a few special baubles with unusual patinas, antique heirlooms from your Grandma’s collection heaped with memories and sustainable sisal tree ornaments to add some natural texture.

Rustic Candles


What will make my home feel cosy for Christmas?

Light those candles! There’s nothing like candlelight for Christmas whether it’s tapered candles at the table during Christmas dinner or scented candles that smell like Christmas spices. Our Christmas Market Stroll Candle smells like cardamom, cinnamon and clove. It's the epitome of Christmas.

Christmas Market CandleChristmas LED Candles

What colour Christmas lights should I use?

We’d say warm white lights will always work with a rustic Christmas trend, it’ll give the room a cosy glow even if it’s the only thing lit. We’re loving our battery-powered tree lights in the shape of candles, they can be clipped into the tree or swapped to the star-shaped clear stands to adorn the table.


Metal MistletoeMetal MistletoeFestive WreathFestive StockingGingko GarlandAntique Brass Pinecone Candle Holder



Winter Wonderland


If you’ve been looking for a local winter wonderland near you to take the kids to, why not make one in your very own home? This holiday decor trend is about ignoring your inner Grinch and capturing every bit of that Christmas magic.

Make every corner feel like a fantasy land; from a sweet-covered wreath on the front door to a snowfall of soft faux-fur blankets in a Narnia-inspired bedroom. Now is the time to let your imagination run wild.

Ribbed CushionRed Faux Fur BlanketPink Hot Water Bottle

How can I make my home feel like a Winter Wonderland?

The key here is not holding back, it’s not about making it magazine-worthy; it’s about bringing joy every time anyone steps in the door.

Hot Chocolate Station


Make a hot chocolate station in your front hallway with giant Santa-red mugs, gourmet marshmallows and goody bags of sweets to welcome your guests in from the cold.

Wow them with ceilings adorned with festoon lights, silver tinsel, and string garlands with iconic red and white striped candy canes hung along them. Create vignettes of miniature alpine villages and polar forest scenes using bristle trees and snowflake decorations arranged on various surfaces throughout the house. Our Christmas Elf Miniature Door Set comes in seven pieces including a tiny door, an adorable little sleigh with a lantern on it and the cutest little clogs. Stick it to any wall and then rearrange it every day throughout December.

Christmas Elf Door Set

What are the best Christmas lights to use?

Go for cool white icicle lights or cascading fairy light curtains for this look to make it feel like you’re in the icy depths of the North pole. You could also hang snowflake-shaped lights in the windows and from ceilings to really lean into the theme.

What are the perfect winter colours?

It’s got to be sugar-pink, candy stripe red and snow white.



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