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Always Sunday Store, Bath


We’ve got a bit of a reputation now for our extravagant Christmas window displays so we knew we had to go all out this year.

We decided to create the ultimate nostalgic Christmas in store; tapping into our own childhood memories for a nineties themed look. 

Our Christmas window feels just like an old home video with giant green velvet bows, lots of chunky handmade tinsel and classic wrapped sweet decorations on the tree. We’ve even got a working train set which makes a choo choo noise and blows out smoke! It’s bringing us so much joy, and reminds us of the Christmases we had as children.

Fancy going behind the scenes to find out how we created our whimsical windows and what went on behind the paper? Stay tuned…

Decorating Always SundayAlways Sunday Bath Homewares

Cover it in Paper

The first step for creating our window was to paper them! We wanted to create some suspense and excitement by doing a reveal once we had completed our Christmas antics - and what better way to do this by going from no Christmas in the store to a whole Christmas display in a matter of days!  

Creating the 90’s Christmas window

As our store has two windows, we wanted our 90’s themed one to be in the big window to grab attention. We decorated the tree with fun, kitsch decorations including some gold tinsel and candy canes. We put the toy steam train under the tree, to add to that 'living room on Christmas morning' look.

Christmas Tree DecoratingChristmas 90's90's Christmas Theme


Window Shopping

Our next task was to create a shoppable window, showing all of our gifting items and the cosy pieces we have in store. Our favourite part of doing the windows is the planning - gathering inspiration, ideas and getting excited about how people will react. We put some of our favourite items in; including our mistletoe which, no matter what colour or style it is, sells out every year!


Christmas Window ShoppingChristmas WindowChristmas Window

Lay the Table

As well as perfecting the windows, we had the task of changing the tables and shop fittings in store to make room for everything Christmas. This included changing some of our Ester and Erik candles to our winter palette, bringing up our own Christmas candle range (a personal favourite of ours) and adding even more items to our already crazy big range of gift options.


Christmas CandlesCandlesChristmas Shop



Make it Festive

This next part may well have been our favourite: Transforming the main display tower into Christmas heaven. We don’t usually include red in our seasonal buying but this year we felt inspired by the traditional palette of red and green- so you can find hints of this throughout the collection.

Christmas DecoratingChristmas BaublesChristmas Trees



Christmas Grotto

We wanted to make the middle room into a bit of a grotto so we wrapped some tinsel and foliage around the shelving units, added some Christmas-themed chocolates to the centre table among the kitchenware and placed our best selling Christmas sacks out on display. The Sack of Shit is such a great idea for those cheeky siblings or Grinch family members.


Christmas Shopping BathChristmas Grotto


Finishing Touches

Nearly there! We just had some final touches to do by this point, we couldn’t resist adding our giant dark green velvet bows (Bella loves wearing them as a hat) to the Oi Soi Oi lighting displayed in the shop and above the logo in the centre of the shop. Nat made a wreath, weaving in some sweet decorations into the foliage and made some cosy lanterns for the entrance.

Christmas DecorChristmas Window


The Big Reveal

And finally after lots of moving, tweaking, dancing and laughing, we were ready to take down the paper and show off all of our hard work. To celebrate we invited friends and local businesses to an after hours party in store so they could see how Always Sunday does Christmas.


Christmas at Always Sunday


Want to see more? Check out our antics on Youtube:


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