Uashmama Large Lemon Gold Tote Bag


An extra large tote bag for getting everything you could possibly need all in one bag. Laptop? Check. Book? Check. Every single soft toy your little one refuses to leave the house without? Check. This big bright lemon gold tote looks like it's made from leather but it's actually a high quality, washable paper using a sustainable manufacture and dying process with a zippered inner and magnetic closure.

Uashmama is a family-owned business in Tuscany, Italy championing intentional living through eco-sustainable products entirely designed and made in Italy. Head of the family Marco designed their own washable paper material using sustainably sourced raw materials that are treated with vegetable dyes and cut, sewn and finished by skilled Italian craftsmen from the local area with offcuts reused in future designs to keep the process as sustainable as possible.

H35 x W40 x D30cm

Handle: L20cm
AGGO® Washable Paper and Leather details.

The bag can be hand washed or wiped clean. Wash in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and reshape before drying. Do not wash the leather details.

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Uashmama certify their raw material processes, implement water-saving methods, and do not use chrome. Organic cotton is woven in Tuscany with certified organic fibers, for bag lining. Wherever possible, we take careful considerations to reduce waste. The materials used to reinforce our bags, sacks, and backpacks are scraps of AGGO paper and organic cotton so that any waste is used. The straps we use, like the shoulder straps of backpacks, are made of recycled cotton, 85% of which is derived from used T-shirts. The leather we use is top quality, tanned in the Tuscan area, utilizing old principles and methods of 'vegetable tanning' in the total absence of chrome, using only tannins from the chestnut tree. We keep our manufacturing and production local, employing local craftsmen and artisans from the surrounding Tuscan area.

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