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Get ahead of the trends with our 2024 Trend Forecast. We’ve researched upcoming homeware styles, the colours of the year from paint giants like Pantone and Dulux, the latest fashion trends and style icons, and brand new hotel and restaurant openings in London and around the world. We’ve coined our three words of the year that will go on to inspire our own homewares collections, supper clubs and creative classes throughout the year and we hope will inspire you in your endeavours.

The Trending Aesthetics for 2024:

1. Fluidity

2. Crafted

3. Enchantment



The Spring Summer catwalks were a mille feuille of gauzy sheercore dresses and a liquid drip of Olympic gold. The Prada SS24 catwalk literally oozed with a wall of clear slime separating the models from the audience. With the release of the Dune movie sequel this spring, the rising shine of chrome and nickel in homewares and the increasing impact A.I is having on every corner of creativity; the overall effect gives 2024 a shimmer of futurism that sways between promising and sinister.


We’re predicting the sheercore trend to reign in material-based homewares this year where the light play properties can really shine. Expect swathes of delicate layers for curtains, overflowing white linen spilling out of bedrooms and silk pendants overhead like our Oi Soi Oi collection. For sustainable homewares ideas, explore recycled and repurposed paper lighting and accessories.

Acne Studios SS24 British VoguePrada SS24 British VogueOi Soi Oi Lighting

High Shine

It’s not often that metals have their moment but it seems like cool-to-the-touch chrome is taking over; particularly when paired with spaceship-style curves and arches. Think the arching dome chrome lamp from Habitat in the 90’s or the Louis Poulson Panthella mushroom lamp. We’re also predicting coloured lacquer, plastic furniture and glossy leather to take the spotlight, particularly following the leather-illusion pieces showcased in the Bottega Veneta SS24 collection and the seventies interior trend easing back to the frontlines of interior trends.

Michael Sinclair, Homes & GardensLexi's Sitting Room



Of course, marble isn’t exactly a trend; it’s pretty timeless but this year we’re seeing it in stony beige and desert orange hues where the swirling veins look more like a birds eye view of Mars or the cracks in a canyon.

Lexi's Marble KitchenLexi's Marble KitchenOrange Marble Serveware Always Sunday


Crafted Trends 2024


These days, it feels like there’s a craving for craft. Marimekko celebrates the 60th anniversary of the bold Unikko print, Pinterest searches for DIY Craft Ideas are on the rise and the transformation of the dopamine decor trend into a fully fledged lifestyle aesthetic are all signs that perhaps it’s time to pass up the magazine-worthy polished interiors for something a little more imperfect.

Human Irregularity

Bottega Veneta spun a story of clumsy knits and clown-like oversized pom-poms on a hand-painted catwalk, Molly Goddard paired tulle skirts with chunky fairisle sweaters, and giant and comically wonky checkerboard is the new gingham. If you’re not throwing your pottery by hand or learning to crochet or mosaic you can always buy it from someone who is, or have a go at painting your own furniture and revel in something made with your own two gloriously clumsy hands.

Mark Luscombe WhyteMamanike World of Interiorsuchronia paris apartment-felix dol maillot-elle magazine


Peaches & Cream

Tucked in your grandpa’s cardigan with the embroidered hankie are the butter yellow and peachy pink boiled sweets. This year we’re taking them out of his pockets and putting them up on the walls. Pantone’s colour of the year was Peach Fuzz, an almost saccharine sweet orange-pink and Gliddon released Limitless; a warm neutral yellow hue that was also seen on the catwalks of Jil Sander and Dries Van Noten last Spring. It’s taken longer than usual but it looks like interiors are catching up to fashion’s love of Grandpa-core pastels because we’re seeing it everywhere.

Christopher Horwood Homes & GardensChristopher Horwood Homes & Gardens Magazine

The New Cottagecore

Cottagecore is going nowhere fast but now we’re seeing it splinter into different iterations; English country cottage, lakeside cabin, coastal grandma and more. Big ruffles, bold stripes, scallops and bobbin shapes are still ever present but now they’re joined by oversized checks and fringed lampshades against loud wallpaper and squiggly, cartoonish art. And 2024 will see checkerboard as the headline print; on your floors but also in blankets, curtains and upholstery thanks to Colours of Arley’s new line. Nothing is off the kitchen table.

Mira Wickman, World of InteriorsMira Wickman, World of Interiors

Enchantment Trends 2024


We’re looking for a bit of magic in our lives and the upcoming 2024 trends have us feeling suitably wistful. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet was a clear inspiration in fashion with almost bridal white gowns, embroidered roses at Simone Rocha, and balletcore wings. And as the infamous Orient Express returns with a new winding journey through Italian landscapes; interiors take a theatrical turn with chiascuro lighting and moody paint colours. There’s a new golden age of cinema on its way and it starts at home.


Ultra Femininity

In 2024, femininity presents as coquettishly romantic (ruffled edges, ballet flats, and floral wallpaper) yet it conceals a dishevelled sex appeal with as much racy undercurrent as a Bridgerton Season 4 storyline. Louis Vuitton presented rumpled ‘fresh out of bed, the morning after’ shirting and Sixties icons Edie Sedgwick was referenced in ‘barely there’ short shorts and almost lingerie-like bodices and slip dresses. Of course, we can’t ignore the problematic return of 90’s ‘heroine chic’ (that we hope will promptly fade back into the past), but we’re excited to see this gritty, undone take on femininity take over interiors. 

Lexi's Italian Palazzo bedroomPrimrose Cottage, Always Sunday Boltholes


Faded grandeur

Much like Lexi’s Italian Palazzo-inspired bedroom, interior designers in 2024 are revelling in the past and taking inspiration from the faded grandeur of European architecture. The gorgeously romantic Collegio Alla Querce hotel opens its wrought iron gates this year in cobblestoned Florence. Set in Chianti winelands with baroque gardens and a private chapel and theatre, it definitely feels like a Baz Luhrmann movie set. Take note from lime washed walls and peeling wallpaper, ornate crown moulding and chevron floors from 19th century Parisian apartments along with heritage antique furniture.


Lexi's Italian Palazzo BedroomDavid Lovatti, Homes & GardensVippXPalazzo Monti-Irina Boersma César Machado World of Interiors



Jazz revival

From Pinterest searches for ‘jazz cafe aesthetic’ to fringed 1920’s baby vamps in fashion shows, it seems like speakeasy style is seriously sneaking in.

The new moody paint colours are dark brown and deepest red, a departure from the classic dark green and blue we’d consider as ‘moody hues’ for sure but they could almost be considered neutrals with how versatile they are as a backdrop.

Lonefox Drew Michael ScottLexi's Bathroom


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