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Books to read in 2024


If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a satisfying little Read pile that makes you feel really accomplished.. and then a hideous, terrifying, teetering tower of a To be Read pile that wobbles precariously next to your bed or armchair.

Despite being a health and safety issue, we're always on the hunt for our next juicy read and for World Book Day this month, we're finding out what our team have been reading, the new books for 2024 we'll be purchasing from bookshop favourite Topping's of Bath, and an all time classic that deserves another read this Spring chosen by General Manager Lottie; our newest addition at Town+House by Always Sunday.

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Books to read


Our Wives Under The Sea - Julie Armfield

From the author behind Salt Slow, an intense collection of haunting short stories, comes a story of love and grief and the horrors found in the darkest corners of the ocean described as a ‘gothic fairy tale’ by indie singer Florence Welch. When Leah returns from a catastrophic deep sea mission, her wife welcomes her home but it becomes clear that Leah is changed and continues to change into something she certainly wasn’t before.

'Eerie, unusual and gets super weird by the end. This author has a way of getting under your skin with words. ' - Hannah, HQ Team

The Vaster Wilds - Lauren Groff

A raw tale of survival in the wilderness when a servant girl escapes the Jamestown settlement her master has brought her to and is forced to cope in the surrounding forests alone amid massacre, disease and fierce winters.

We picked this up because we love Fates & Furies by Groff (although the historical interpretation feels far more like her novel Matrix, the story of a 12th century nun based on the life of Marie de France). If you love historical novels but are craving the danger you just don't get from a list of historical dates; this is the book for you.

The Gardening Book - Monty Don

Educational without being condescending, informative without being too complex and wholesome in a way only the beloved Gardener’s World presenter can do; this gardening guide book is ideal for beginners just getting to grips with their own green thumbs.


What to read in 2024


A few books in the TBR Pile

New Books for 2024

1. The House of Hidden Meanings - An Autobiography by Ru Paul

2. Venemous Lumpsucker, Ned Beauman

3. Moth - Melody Razak

4. Ottolenghi COMFORT - Yottam Ottolenghi

5. Until August - Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Read a classic book

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