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Easter Eggplant Hunt

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This Spring, the vegetables in Lexi’s allotment have grown so big that they’ve popped out the ground, grown legs and now they’ve gone walkabouts! They’ve run off with all of Lexi’s prize winning aubergines, just weeks before the Always Sunday Vegetable Show! Can you help find all the eggplants so Lexi can still present them at the show on Easter Sunday? There’s a prize for every aubergine and a bonus prize if you can find the golden eggplant each week!

Every Friday for three weeks in March, we’ll be releasing clues to the whereabouts of each aubergine. First to our Friends With Benefits via email to give them a head start and then on our social media later in the day. All you need to do is to go find an eggplant* and bring them into the store to enter the lucky dip for a prize!

Clues will be sent via email to begin with so Sign up now to get the clues before anyone else and then follow us on Instagram @always_sunday_store, Tik Tok and Pinterest @alwayssundaystore to check our progress!

1st Clues: Friday 15th March via email

2nd Clues: Friday 22nd March via email

3rd Clues: Friday 29th March via email

*One eggplant per customer per week. Any eggplant hoarding will immediately disqualify you from winning a prize and the vegetable will be hidden again in a new location. Share the eggplant love!

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