Uashmama placemat

Whether you are someone that only lays the table for special occasions or like us you enjoy making every meal special these placemats are a far cry from the old fashioned ones we all remember our Grannies using.

Simple yet elegant paper placemats that will suit any table, they are large enough that you can get your plates, cutlery and glasses on them. The size makes them great for catching any spills or food explosions from children or clumsy guests, and as they’re made from organic washable paper you can just wipe them clean.

Currently only available in the Gold & Tan

Care instructionsHandwash in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry flat. On occasion there can be very small imperfections found in the metallic paper they are minor and do not effect the strength of the paper. It is normal for the metallic paper to crease, fade and mark with wear, the intention is for the paper to become more like a foil. This is characteristic of the metallic paper, it is not a fault.