Scout & Sage hand sanitiser

It looks like hand sanitiser is going to be a permanent part of our daily lives for a while and when we heard Scout & Sage has stepped away from their normal gin production to make sanitiser it seemed like a marriage made in heaven. They’re local and they obviously share our love for all things gin.

80% alcohol, made with essential oils & following The World Health Organisation formula these sanitisers are gentle on the hands, given the amount we’re using that was a must.

A little goes a long way as this isn’t the usual gloopy texture of a normal hand sanitiser and works more like a alcohol rub. This also makes it easier to decant into your favourite dispenser.

We’ve also sourced 3 beautifully coloured options of 50ml handbag size glass bottles so you can stay safe when you’re out and about, either just for you or different colours for each family member.

Due to postage regulations we can only post 1 700ml bottle or 2 500ml bottles per parcel.