Large push bowl in copper

With everything going on we have been trying to source gifts that are easily postable so you can send beautiful pieces to those friends and family that you might not be able to see over the holidays, we outdid ourselves with these little treasures. Not only are they made by an amazing company you can also post them in a large size envelope.

Make a bowl out of a disk. These three 24cm bowls are delivered as flat metal plates  that you can give a unique shape with your fingers. By gently applying pressure, you can create a little vessel to store valuables like chains and rings, or bits and pieces like keys and make-up. It’s so satisfying – we couldn’t wait to transform the samples in the store (you can keep going back and changing the shape as well) and as an added bonus when the light catches these they act like disco ball reflecting light patterns all over the room.

Made in Italy and designed in Germany. FUNDAMENTAL is a design company that supports innovative, responsible design directly at the source. Their small team designs specially for independent, family run manufacturers that they have developed long term relationships with.

Available in brass & copper

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