Large blush concrete pot with Sandalwood and black pepper candle


It’s the mother of all candles!!!

Have you ever seen a bigger candle? This hefty unit is the largest design in the hand-poured candle range featuring a triple wick candle. It’s lovely blush colour is the same as the mid-sized candle holder and the Sandalwood and black pepper candle creates a luxurious spicy, citrus aroma. The concrete pot and lid both have a natural cork footing but the cool thing about this pot is the lid can be used to house smaller tealight candles too! I can definitely imagine relaxing in the tub with this glorious candle burning away beside me.

The candle is made from a soy wax and white beeswax blend to give a longer burn time and uses a square cotton-braided natural wick.

Size Details

Approx holder dimensions: W: 14.8cm x H: 13.6cm (inc. 6mm cork feet)

Approx holder weight: 2.35 kg

Approx holder + candle weight: 2.95 kg


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